Office of Student Academic SuccessBrand guidelines

The Office of Student Academic Success is not just a new name for previously established units. It was created to describe a collaborative and intentional system to strengthen the recruitment and academic success of a highly qualified, diverse student body. As such, when we refer to various departments and programs within the unit, we should include the Office of Student Academic Success.

This brief brand guide is meant to help you set up a new email signature, print letterhead and order business cards, and understand how to refer to all of the offices, departments and programs within the OSAS organization as a whole.

Writing and speaking about OSAS

When referencing one of the areas within OSAS, identify it to the Office of Student Academic Success as the overarching unit (as appropriate). This includes most offices, departments and programs that report up through an office in OSAS, such as Strategic Enrollment Planning, Transition and Academic Growth, and Academic Enrichment.


“First Year Experience, which is part of the Office of Student Academic Success, supports students through their transition and retention to the university.”

“Academic Enrichment, part of OSAS, includes several departments that foster high-impact experiences to nurture students' academic and personal growth.”

Note: Second-year Transformational Experience Program, or STEP, is jointly administered by the Office of Student Life and the Office of Student Academic Success.

Business cards, letterhead, name tags, etc.

When you’ve depleted your current supply of business cards or stationery, order new materials online through UniPrint.

Note: For letterhead, use version 1 (v1). For business cards, use version 1.

Operating Unit

Office of Student Academic Success


Use the official name of your area, as listed below.

Note: “Office of” is only required for OSAS.

  • Academic Advising
  • Academic Enrichment
  • Administrative Services
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Buckeye Link*
  • First Year Experience
  • Graduate and Professional Admissions
  • Marketing and Strategic Communications
  • Military and Veterans Services
  • Research and Program Assessment
  • Second-year Transformational Experience Program*
  • Service-Learning
  • Strategic Enrollment Planning
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Student Athlete Support Services Office
  • Transition and Academic Growth
  • Undergraduate Education
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • University Exploration
  • University Honors & Scholars Center
  • University Registrar
  • Undergraduate Research and Creative Inquiry


Buckeye Link is a place, a website and an online self-service center where students take care of the business of being a Buckeye. It is branded to encompass more than OSAS and as such no operating unit is required.

Second-year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) is jointly administered by OSAS and Student Life and requires either both or neither organizational unit be listed.


Email signature

Generate a standard email signature at Do not reformat the signature or add anything to it. If you want to add a postscript for additional business information (e.g., walk-in hours), this information must be ABOVE your generated signature.

It is not necessary to use the full email signature on every email you send. It should be included when representing yourself as part of the university, but it isn't necessary when emailing your coworkers in day-to-day messages.



The website offers a wealth of resources, including:

If you have questions or need some guidance, please contact Linda Lutz ( in OSAS Marketing and Strategic Communications.